Defenders of the Spirit Forest is a 25 minutes documentary self-produced by Rod Harbinson with the help of a great team of friends and professionals. In October 2014 it premiered at the Document 12 International Human Rights Film Festival in Glasgow, Scotland.

Rod Harbinson
Rod has reported on some of the biggest environmental issues confronting the developing world for over twenty years. He has particular experience of the Southeast Asian region where he reports on the struggles of indigenous and local people to protect their lands in the face of exploitation.

A filmmaker, photo-journalist, media-trainer and communications consultant, he has a post-graduate academic background in environment and development. Currently working independently, he freelances for organizations in the development sector.

Ben Mowat
Ben is a composer, violinist, producer and teacher from Oxford. He has a degree in Popular and World Musics from Leeds University with a 1st in Composition. After five years immersed in Leeds’ vibrant music scene, teaching violin and a year teaching English in France, he his now based in Oxford once more.

He composes a range of music for film, choir, string quartet, orchestra and electronics and directs his band The String Project. He composes much of band’s repertoire and works with a talented range of visual artists and musicians to produce unique multimedia shows. Ben has released a recording of his choral work Psalm 28 as a single, out on iTunes and www.cdbaby.com/benmowat.